Friday, November 16, 2012


I am so proud and excited to post the Cover Reveal of Lizzy Fords new book

 Autumn Storm (Book #2 of The Witchling Trilogy).

I was honored and thrilled to make this cover for her!
I really love how it came out and I hope everyone else does too!


A girl with no memory, hidden in plain sight. A boy with no hope, freefalling into Darkness.

Autumn doesnt know why she remembers a boarding school shes never visited, or why her reflection isnt always hers. Theres another girl in the mirror, a dark-haired ghost that emerges one night to guide her to a cliff near the school. Only Autumn cant remember what happened there and why its so important. Becks gentle touch soothes her distress while Deckers every look sets her body on fire. Caught between the twins, she struggles to understand her instincts and magick while working through the pain caused by a mysterious car accident that left her disabled, barely able to walk.

Unable to recover from Summers death, Decker slowly surrenders to the Dark. He cant live with the pain, and those around him keep Autumns secret too well. The guilt he feels when he falls for her and betrays Summers memory drives him farther from the Light, until he loses control and begins taking the souls of Light witchlings. As the protector of Light, Beck must choose between confronting his twin and watching more witchlings suffer. Decker realizes Beck has come between more than him and the witchlings. With neither of them willing to let Autumn go, they turn on each other.

Only one of them knows the truth. Only one of them will walk away, unless Autumn can find a way to save them both.

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  1. Thank you, Eden! Your covers are beautiful: fresh, expressive and bright. I absolutely love your work and am thrilled to work with you!

    Lizzy :-)